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In 1918, Carl KAEFER founded a company specialising in the supply of insulation material and services to the shipbuilding industry. His idea was to use peat to insulate the walls of the cold storage stores – the vision of an efficient energy economy was born.

The company’s rapid growth proved that Carl Kaefer had recognised the sign of the times. Soon, new markets had been developed and offices established all over the world.

Since then, KAEFER has become the leading provider for the most professional integrated services and solutions for the Industry, Marine & Offshore, and Construction business worldwide. Carl Kaefer’s idea has stayed relevant for generations and now guides the company on its path to a successful future.


In 1988 was founded a Production and Service "WIEZAT" Sp. z.o.o. in Tarnów. The shareholders were Zakłady Azotowe in Tarnow and the Agricultural Production Cooperative in Wierzchosławice. The company develops and transforms towards the construction, insulating and anticorrosive protection

In 1991 Zakłady Azotowe SA in Tarnów-Moscice take over all of the shares in the enterprise and from that moment until 2009 they become the only owner of the Company.

The Company is directed primarily to the investment and repair work in Zakłady Azotowe.

At the end of the year 2009 KAEFER SA take over 100% of the shares in WIEZAT.

1st December 2009 WIEZAT Sp. z o.o. joins the structures of KAEFER Group.



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