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WIEZAT Sp. z o.o. is a professional supplier of services in the field of industrial insulation, anticorrosive protection and construction.

Our Company was established in 1988 and our aim is to systematically raise the level of execution and quality of works. We would like to achieve a high position of the works contractor in insulation, anticorrosive protection and construction.

WIEZAT specializes in providing the following services:

  • Industrial insulation
  • Surface protection
  • Industrial and general construction
  • Execution and assembly of construction
  • Asbestos removal
  • Execution of heat distribution centre
  • Execution of installation
  • Execution and assembly of ventilation

In 2009 WIEZAT joined the KAEFER Group – a global engineering group, present in over 50 countries – from Canada to Australia, which employs over 18 000 employees.
What is more, being a member of KAEFER Group enables us to exchange knowledge and experience in an international environment. KAEFER Group’s financial and organizational potential guarantees our credibility and timeliness, even when a few big projects are being realized at the same time.

Trust us!
We guarantee a high standard of work supported by experience.
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WIEZAT Sp. z o.o.

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33-101 Tarnów

Phone: +48 14 6374781
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